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søndag, juli 23, 2006

Lucky bastard?

It has happened to me - again.

This May I was walking home after a night out on the town in Aberdeen when I suddenly heard a weird noise, it was almost like somebody was throwing water at me. I looked up and then down on myself, just to discover that I had seagull-shit all over my jacket and my hair. Those of you who have seen the seagulls in Aberdeen know that they are monstrous, the bare more resemblance to F-16s than to birds, and apparantly they therfore have larger amounts of shit as well. To make a long story short, I was covered in shit and had to go home and wash my hair at 2 o'clock in the morning.

According to the taxi-driver who drove me home, it was suppose to mean good luck to be hit by a bird. I didn't feel very lucky at the time, but later I figured that he might have been right since it doesn't happen very often. Tonight I changed my mind about that.

This night I happened to be hit again, this time by a pigeon. Of course I had just washed my hair, so it was quite annoying having to do it over again. I didn't feel very lucky this time either. Guess I'll have to play the lottery next Saturday and see what happens. If I don't win, I'll just consider myself a bird-enemy from now on.

onsdag, juli 19, 2006

Detective Dope

As everybody else I’ve heard a lot about Sherlock Holmes, but I’ve never actually read anything about Arthur Conan Doyle’s famous detective. Therefore I just started a book called “The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes.” I kind of expected a “proper” English crime-drama-thing, like Miss Marple & co. And the first adventure was everything i expected. Mr Holmes managed to solve the mystery merly by deduction, he could even determine which kind of cigar the murderer smoked just by looking at the ashes.

But now that I’ve started my second story, I must admit that I am a little bit shocked. It starts with Sherlock injecting something in his arm, which the story says had happened three times a day for the last month. I seriously thought that my dear detective had fallen ill, until his companion Dr. Watson asks him whether it is cocaine or morphine this time. Holmes answers that it is cocaine and offers Watson to try. But Watson doesn’t care for it at all and points out some of the dangers with the drug.

Holmes answers: “Perhaps you are right Watson. I suppose that its influence is physically a bad one. I find it, however, so transcendingly stimulating and clarifying to the mind that its second action is a matter of small moment.”

Spoken like a true junkie, my dear Mr. Holmes!

fredag, mai 26, 2006


I’m at the computers and there’s a pub in the room beneath me. People are already so drunk that they can barely stand; they must have finished their exams today.

I could have killed for three pints and a fag instead of preparing for my exams!

tirsdag, mai 23, 2006

Wedding time

I recently got an invitation to a wedding from an old friend of mine. It was really nice of her to invite me, I’m really happy for her and wish both her and her husband all the best for the future. But one thing about the invitation bugs me.

When I accepted the invitation, the bride said that my boyfriend was invited as well. I informed her that I don’t have a boyfriend, but that I will be happy to come by myself. You know what she replied? “Too bad! But the best man is cute and single, I’ll make sure that I place you near him :)”

After having a closer look at the wedding web-site (yes, they actually have that…) I noticed that the description of their best man and maid of honour bear close resemblance with personal ads. They are apparently single, and the bride and groom were trying their best to “sell” them as potential partners. To quote from the description of the maid of honour: “She is a lovely girl, so you single boys out there; this is your chance of a lifetime!” And they followed up by saying that the best man “could be recommended most strongly.”

Do you think it ever occurred to the blushing bride that I and other single people could possibly be a) happy as single, b) not interested in getting hooked up with someone we don’t know, c) tired of people assuming that they have to feel sorry for us just because we don’t happen to have a boyfriend/girlfriend? I’m sure she meant no harm, but please, PLEASE don’t assume that my/other people’s main goal in life is to find a man, have 2,4 children, a VOLVO and plates for twelve persons! And even if it were, it gets very tiresome when people continue to remind you that you are still single…

lørdag, mai 13, 2006

Testing, testing

Seems like all those encounters with people from different countries have started to affect me. Took a test to see which file extension I am (yes, I should be writing my essay right now, that’s why I search the net for stupid tests…) and I think I’m turning German! Looks like I have to start memorizing the German Survival Bible sooner rather than later. It also means that I have to start liking Anton aus Turol, but that's really no problem. This is my result:

You are .exe When given proper orders, you execute them flawlessly.  You're familiar to most, and useful to all.

If you want to take the test yourself, you can find it here.

torsdag, mai 11, 2006

The great world of sports

After my second tennis lesson I have sort of come to the understanding that I will not become the new Anna Korn…Kourn… you know who I mean – the Russian one.

With this being my second lesson, I was beginning to feel kind of cocky, especially since me and L had practised a bit since the first lesson.

I started showing up by doing this really cool trick with my racket. Of course I dropped it at someone’s head. Convinced that this must have just been bad luck, I continued to do some pretty amazing stuff with a ball and ended up hitting it kind of hard in another girl’s face. The lesson ended with the instructor stopping the class to tell me that I was doing something “peculiar” with my forehand. To my great embarrassment, he insisted on me showing my forehand in front of the whole class and pointing out to everybody that “this is the way it shouldn’t be done.”

I felt a bit less confident when I left the class than when I entered, one might say. But next week I plan on doing things right, and I’m sure that everything will work out much better then.

fredag, mai 05, 2006

I'm an oldie goldie

Yesterday I had one of my best birthdays ever!

The day started with cake on the kitchen with H and S, and continued with phone calls from two of my sisters. It was really nice to hear their voices again!

The middle part of the day was a bit less exiting since I was having the horrible woman in my anthropology tutorial, and after that I was making breads galore..

But the party and the presents were great! Think I can honestly say that I love everything I got. So what did I get, you might ask, and I will tell you. First of all, I got balls (haha) which I’ve been wanting for ever. So I hope there will be some soccer in Seaton Park in not to long. From the Erasmus students I got Converse shoes, been longing for them since I had the fake ones in primary school. Thank you L for thinking of them! Then my friend and flatmate had gotten me this T-shirt saying “You’re just jealous because the wee voices are talking to me.” It was really cool, and the multitalented woman had fucking made it herself!

I also got eatable virgin Marys from Belgium, which I felt was a bit blasphemic, but that’s just Leuvianism for you.. The woman from the land of Sandra Kim also got me a nice wallet which I suspect will be very useful. After all, I do have more than a little money to keep track on. (If this post had been in Norwegian, I would have had a great time joking about that I had both a “pung” and balls, but since it’s not I’ll let it go)

From my other flatmates I got a book defining all the English swear words, suspect that came out of some of our discussions in the kitchen about the exact definition of cunt. So now I’ll know, and the book even had examples of how to use the words in sentences (e.g. “Great jugs, can I lick them?”). Guess that will come in handy!

My Danish friend gave me a badge saying “It’s my birthday, buy me drinks.” Unfortunately this worked a bit too well, so the end of the night has gone in a bit of a blur.. Ended up in the sleaziest place, and finally I left everybody for a guy with cigarettes. I’m ashamed to say that I had two, but it was my first two in 10 days, and I won’t continue – I promise! And by the way, that is the only thing exiting happening with the guy, the dry season is still on. Kind of a pity actually, think that my virginity will return anytime soon!

So thank you all guys for a great day! And thank you for all the greetings on texts and mails, I really appreciate it!!!